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Tore Vitaliy-Gryffindor by Jeri-Cho Tore Vitaliy-Gryffindor by Jeri-Cho

For :iconillegibilus: 


• Name: Torence Vitaliy [Torence Reginald Nox-Vitaliy Jr]

• Nick Name: “Tore”

• Age: 17

• Gender: Male

• Height: 6’1 1/2”

• Weight: 187 lb

• Birthday: June 21st

• Nationality: Scottish [Mother] Ukrainian [Father] Lives in Scottland.

• House: Gryffindor

• Year: 7th

• Personality:

Paternal| Chivalrous | Optimistic |

Being the eldest of 5, Tore has a natural knack of playing the older brother or the mother. Victim to constant babysitting and the like he has a tendency to go out of his way to make others feel ‘at home’ or cared for. He can often be seen with younger house/school mates helping them with whatever it is they may need, or even asking teachers if they need help (sometimes appears a bit of a teachers pet).   With the turf of being an older brother he developed the urge to defend the “defenseless”. Not always the best at it, but he has the tongue and cheek and height to settle most disagreements. However it does backfire on him and despite his chivalrous moments he is not a fighter. Much a lover in his way he’d holds words to a much higher value than fists. His optimism in most situations is both endearing and sickly. He gives more credit to hope than most things and although he can be contagious when going on a happy rant it can appear very, well, ignorant, at times.

Honest | Hard-Working | Flirtatious |

“An honest man” in both uses of the word honest. True and blunt to a point whether solicited for or not, he is very rarely found lying and if he was he most likely had a good reason for it.  Expect Torence to always go about the true and proper way of things, cheating is not this gryffindors style. Rules after all were set there for a reason. Though an admirable trait it has it’s drawbacks, and well, it is the path less traveled. Since he always has to go about things the hard way, he has developed a good work ethic, but can sometimes verge on obsessive. He easily succumbs to any task set before him and will go constantly head on at that one task until it is finished. Making him hard to advert from things, be weary when giving this fellow something to do, you may regret it. Accidently flirtatious, is a better way of putting it. Tore is a very touchy sort of guy and very out with his thoughts on people, which can come off as coming on to or flirting. So be careful when assuming he may be feeling something for you of that variation, you’re probably the only one thinking along those lines. Most his romantic thoughts are out of mind and would need an inception of sorts before they ever come into being.

Temper | Bottled-Up  | Depressive |

Yes, Tore can be very kind and reliable but if one pushes him far enough he will snap. Luckily he is still not a fighter when he goes off but his words are sharp and loud. It’s best not to set him off because if you do you wouldn’t just be getting what’s due to you but also what was due to many others. To say he bottles everything up and denies he’s ever upset is an immense understatement. Being the image of responsibility to his family he has the thought process that he can’t allow others to see him upset, feeling he needs to always put up a front. Probably one of the only things he’ll ever lie about. Because of this he is easily depressed. He goes through small bouts of severe isolation, non-communication, and anxiety, these only last a week at most (once a month). Try to avoid him during that time, he’ll still smile for you (since he can’t let people down) but he’ll be very hard to talk and it is a strain.

Minor Personality traits: Ignorant, Obsessive, Critical (of himself), Informative, and Strained.

• Background:

Born to a young married couple, both of fine wizarding families, he had an instant hand in life. His father (halfblood)  being a noted astronomer and author of books updating old conceptions of the stars and their uses while his mother (‘pure’ blood) being  a worker in the ministry of magic’s regulation and control of magical creatures (the second largest department in the ministry), to say Torence didn’t have a great family and role models would be insane. Both parents being hard-workers and very kindly people they passed down these traits to their son, and later children.

Both of his parents were fresh into  their marriage when he was born, and were some what new to the concept of having a child.  They hadn’t at that time quite understood how to take care of a child physically and mentally, so he was a sort of experiment for the both of them. They took turns taking him to work, talked to him like he was already an adult, and made sure to have family trips for the three of them. For their first kid they were doing rather well. He grew up quicker than most kids though, with both very successful parents they put a lot of responsibility onto him and they had very high hopes that in some way he’d follow in their footsteps.

When he was 6 he was thrust even quicker into ‘adult-hood’ and responsibility. He was an older brother then, no longer the only child and the only one to get his parents attention. To most kids this would create resentment, but he loved his brother just as much if not more than his parents. He took to the role of an older brother with absolute ease, and when his other siblings slowly came one after the other he found himself being the one who had to ‘set an example’ and ‘be the leader’. The roll of kids stopped at the high number of 5; Torence, Donagan, Daemon, Stella, and lastly Emily. Thankfully their parents had well enough paying jobs and a good sized home, always kept food on the table, so on and so forth. Most everything was just perfect.

When Tore reached his teen years though he began to face an issue he hadn’t really come to grasps with before hand. Sudden bouts of depression and hopelessness, and for the gryffindor that wasn’t acceptable. He was the older brother, the leader, and the example. There was no way he could have something like that?  It set their little post-card family on a bit of a rollercoaster. His parents had started to confess they felt it was their fault, and little siblings didn’t understand why he didn’t want to play. For a while there he felt very alone, very confused, and trapped. It wasn’t until he was playing with his two little sisters one evening did he started to verge on getting better.

They were playing with arts and crafts, one of Tore’s favorite things to do, and the two sisters had run off with some of the things and held themselves up in his room. He was for one thing rather peeved but more so than that he was worried that they were going to be safe, when finally they came out from his room they had a necklace the two of them had made for him. Just of little glow in the dark stars and beads and gave it to him to ‘make him happy again’. He bawled like a little kid clinging to his sisters. He knew he had to get better, there was no excuse for it.

His parents had gotten him the proper help he needed and things truly made a turn for the best. He was back to his cheery-self and taking care of the little ones. Back at being as good as he could be at school. Getting back into his hobbies and just really getting back onto track.

• Family:

Obelia Nox: Mother, works as head of Sub-Division: Beings in the Ministry of Magic's Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Often works on laws involving beings and their civil rights. Generally kind, some what strict, very opinionated, and a bit of a workaholic.

Reginald Vitaliy: Father, astronomer and author for books on astronomy and star charts, mainly just revisions. He has written books of his own uses and theories for the stars and using them for magical purposes. Very relaxed, the home-maker, crafty, a ranter, but very open minded.

Donagan Vitaliy: Younger brother, 10, loud loud child, very entitled, very wild. Loves quidditch and totally has a thing for the hollyhead harpies.

Daemon Vitaliy: Younger brother, 9, a brooder, very clever, really takes after his mother, and prefers to read with her over everything.

Stella Vitaliy: Younger sister, 8, sweet, innocent, loves to read fairy-tales. Father claims she may be a good a diviner.

Emily Vitaliy: Younger sister, 6, quiet but temperamental, the baby of the family. Few things calm her down when she’s upset. Loves pumpkin flavored everything.

Ursa: The family cat, big, fat, lazy, fluffy, buttface.

Oleksandr Vitaliy: Cousin, 16, Ravenclaw. Very mathematically inclined, hard to shut up when started on numbers or certain nerdy subjects. Otherwise very enjoyable. Him and Tore have a tendency to get mistaken for being siblings or go as far as fraternal twins on occasion. 


:new: Tore's Relationships

• Likes & Dislikes:

+ Drawing, People, Toys, Fluffy things, Sour candies, his little siblongss, Stars, Muggle things, Teal, Hugs, A good set of clothes, Singing (beatles music mostly), Magic Theory, Stories, mundane chores, his roomates, and helping.

- Getting yelled at, dull things, being sad, bullies, failed experiments, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, ghosts, being really high up and going fast on a broom, his roomates, and sugar.

• Elective Classes:

Care of Magical Creatures


• Extra Curricular:


Magical Theory

:new: How Well does he fair in class

• Spells:

Scouring Charm - Scourgify or Caxiyi

Vigorously cleans the target - which can be a living creature, though this is considered somewhat cruel.

Flagrate - Flagrate

Creates fiery marks in the wake of a wand - can be used to leave markings or writing on objects or in the air.

Cheering Charm - Unknown

Causes the target to become happy - heavy-handed or excessive use can cause uncontrollable laughing fits, or even prolonged manic episodes.

Colour-Changing Charm - Unknown

Used to change the color of an object. Some wizards also use it for cosmetic purposes.

Vanishing Spell - Evanesco

Causes an object to vanish. Vanished objects can be recovered, if necessary. Evanesco does not work on living creatures.

Gouging Spell - Defudio

Used to carve or dig through stone, metal, and other materials.


Creates a powerful, focused wind originating from the wand - at close range, it can be used to blast through things.

• Wand Ingredients

Core: Dragon heart-string

Length: 11’

Wood: Walnut

Flexibility: Sturdy

• Pet

Name: Nova

Species: Ermine

Gender: Female

Personality: Calm, Cuddly, Loving.


• Gold Snitch Key Chain [x1]
• VooDoo Doll [x1]
• Extra Credit [x1]
• Augurey Feather [x1]
• Essence of Dittany [x1]
• Plushie of a Harpy [x1]
• Plushie of a Veela [x1]
• Plushie of a Selma [x1]
• Mysterious Gold Egg with Silver Flecks [x1]

• Extras:

• His little necklace is charmed to light up when ever one of his siblings say a specific word (a word they chose to remind them of him)

• Has a scar on forearm from when he fell into a shed from his broom.

•Draws and would like to make enchanted toys for magical children.

•Nervous Ticks: Grabs Neck (shame/anxious), Pokes Piercings out (Flirtatious), and Wrings fingers (When mad/sad).

•Has "psuedo-vertigo" caused by PTSD [Normally occurs when flying at certain heights or watching people fall from certain heights--Normally just dizziness and nausea but can on occasion cause fainting]

•Seriously messy. Books strewn ever where, clothes all over the joint. Do not want to step foot into his room/area. 

•However, cleans when upset. If it's a clean room you see, it's best you steer clear. 

•Stormy weather is best weather. 

•Smells like citrus, orange blossoms, and vanilla. 

•Paints his nails (normally teal or a variation of blue)

Tore's theme song

• Achievements

• Prefect Badge
• 1k Badge 
• Valentines Badge
• Mayhem and Mischief Badge 
• Blood Moon Badge 
• Finis Badge
• QWC badge
• Gala Badge

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Tore's voice please skip to 1:30 (unless you like weird synthesizers)

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